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"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." - Dorthea Lange

I love to see people when they’re at their happiest. There’s just something about seeing the big cheesy grins on someone’s face when their best friend whispers a joke only they understand, or the bursting-with-pride-smiles on a parents face as they watch their child in a school play, or the happy tears of a bride as she practically runs down the isle to finally be with the person she loves… All these moments are enough to make me blub – and the best part of all, is they’re all real. Not posed, not set up, just real-live-love on a plate.

That’s what I like to capture, it’s what makes me tick. To me, the best part of a wedding are the little things that go on throughout the day, that as a Bride and Groom you may not even be aware of – a bee following the bridesmaids until they scream and cry with laughter at each other, the Bride’s reaction as the groom texts her as she’s getting ready to tell her how proud he is of her,  the bride’s brother taking his wife out to slow dance in the rain way after most of the guests have gone home… All of which I’ve captured at the Weddings I’ve been privileged to attend.

And if you’d let me, I’d love to be able to capture your little moments for you too.